Frequently asked questions

Gift Cards

My gift card has expired while Stonehouse is temporarily closed.

If you are concerned that your gift card may expire whilst our sites are temporarily closed, we can extend the expiry date for you. Here’s how...​

  • Check the balance and expiry date of your card or digital code here.

  • Don't worry, if your card has expired, we can extend the date for you. Just email us your gift card or digital code number to ​

  • If you are concerned that your card will expire whilst we are in this period of temporary closure, please wait until the date has passed and then send us an email with your gift card or digital card number to Please rest assured your balance will not be lost.  ​

We can’t wait to see you soon.

Do you sell gift cards for your Stonehouse restaurants? And where can I purchase them from?

Stonehouse gift cards are available to purchase online. If you order online, you can choose whether your gift card is received by email or text message (e-gift).

You can also buy plastic gift cards from any of our restaurants. Just pop into your nearest Stonehouse and speak to a team member. For any further gift card queries please take a look at our Stonehouse gift card FAQ. To find this, Follow this link and then at the top of the page there will be the FAQ section.

Contacting us

I would like to give feedback after visiting one of your pubs or restaurants

Please complete our feedback form.

I have a question about a Stonehouse restaurant, who do I contact?

Please look through our FAQs which will hopefully answer your question. If not please contact our Guest Care team by completing our feedback form.

I would like to contact a Stonehouse restaurant directly.

Find your local stonehouse to get their contact information. This can be done by using the 'search'function on our website

Are you on Social Media

Yes, you can find us on facebook, twitter as well as Instagram too.

Dining with us

How do we book a table?

Where bookings are concerned please visit our website and click on 'Book'. If you have any special requirements, we would advise you to call the restaurant you wish to visit direct. You can find your local Stonehouse on our website.

What are your opening/serving times?

Because service can vary between restaurants, please find your local Stonehouse and select the carvery you wish to visit. From there you can click the link in the menu where the service times are provided.Please use this link  to find your local Stonehouse opening times

How do I find my nearest Stonehouse?

Please use the search bar at the top of our website's homepage.

Where can I get nutritional information on your menus?

You can find nutritional information for our menus on our carvery pages underneath the menus.

Is there allergen/special dietary information available for guests?

You can find allergen/dietary information for our menus on our carvery pages underneath the menus.

Does Stonehouse do takeaway?

Yes, please visit our homepage and select 'Takeaway'.

Where can I find menu prices?

Please visit the webpage for the Stonehouse you want to visit and view the menu to see all of the prices. Please note that the menu prices will not be visible from our main website as prices can vary from site to site.

Can adults pay less for a child’s portion?

Our children’s menu is available only for children aged 10 years or under. We understand that some adult guests may prefer a slightly smaller portion and during the off peak midweek period a small plate carvery meal is available. However, the main appeal of our self serve buffet offer is that it does allow for flexibility, in that you, the guest, are able to control the overall portion size by selecting as little or as much as you like to accompany the protein element of the meal.

Can I share my carvery with my child?

While we do allow children under the age of three to share a plate with an accompanying adult as we recognise that many parents are against the idea of food waste, for older children under 10, our children’s menu is available. For babies, 2 years and under, our 'Baby Bowl' is avalable for 99p.

Why are there different prices for Sundays and Bank Holidays?

The standard price for our carvery is our Sunday price. To encourage guests to visit us during the “off peak” midweek period, we discount the Sunday price. At certain times, we may also discount the lower midweek price even further to incentivise visits, for example with specific offers via our App and flash sales offering a percentage off when we launch a new menu.

Why do the vegetable options change throughout the year?

Our vegetable selection varies throughout the year taking into account seasonality, availability and guest preferences. Whilst particular favourites such as cauliflower and carrots are available all year round, we do try to vary a range of other popular vegetables that we know our guests like, by making a change on a monthly basis. This can mean that a vegetable is not available for a short time and then comes back at a later date.

Using our app

Where can I get your app?

Our app is available to download for free on both the App store and Google play. To learn more about downloading the app and the offers you can receive, visit the 'app' section from our homepage.

My reward has disappeared from the app

If your reward has dissappeared, it may have expired. If this is not the case please contact our Guest Care team by completing our feedback form.

My reward stamp has not been added following a visit

If your stamp has not yet been added, please wait 24 hours following the visit. If it still doesn't appear, please get in contact with our guest Care team by completing our feedback form.

All of my stamps have disappeared

Please keep in mind that when you complate your reward card, it will reset to zero. The reward for completng it will appear separately to this in your wallet. If this is not the case please contact our Guest Care team by completing our feedback form.

I am experiencing issues with resetting the password for my app.

Initially, make sure you are following the process on your smartphone rather than on a laptop or other device. If you are still experiencing difficulties, please contact our Guest Care team by completing our feedback form.

How do you pay through the app?

You can pay your bill via your Stonehouse app by clicking the tile on the homepage "Pay your Bill" and follow the instructions.


What is WiFi?

Wireless internet, or WiFi for short, lets smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras and all other WiFi-enabled devices connect to the internet using radio waves (via a router).When using a WiFi hotspot, your device needs to have its WiFi capability switched on (it should be somewhere under 'settings' or 'connections'), and you need to be in range of the hotspot.

What kind of WiFi service is Stonehouse offering?

Here at Stonehouse we've installed free O2 Wifi at every one of our restaurants, making each of them an 'O2 Wifi hotspot'. Unlike many other kinds of WiFi hotspots, O2 Wifi is free – no hidden charges or nasty surprises, just free, fast and easy internet access. And it's available to everyone, whether or not you're an O2 customer. You can sign up for O2 Wifi at any of its hotspots. Once registered, your WiFi-enabled devices will be connected automatically every time you visit an O2 Wifi hotspot. You don't need any passwords or usernames to connect, and using the service won't eat into your mobile data allowance.

How do I access free WiFi at Stonehouse?

It's simple. Just register your details the first time you access our free service (unless you've already done so at another O2 Wifi hotspot). You'll only need to do this once and you can enter up to five devices. Once signed up, your smartphone, tablet, laptop or whatever WiFi-enabled device you've registered will connect automatically every time you drop by a Stonehouse (or other O2 hotspot).

It's easy to get online using our free WiFi:

1)Check that your device's WiFi is switched on

2)Select 'O2 Wifi' from the network list

3)Open your internet browser and follow the sign-up instructions (enter your phone number and the name of the device(s) you're connecting with)

4)O2 Wifi will send you a text message containing a code. Enter this plus a few simple details

5)Your welcome page should appear – you're now connected

What if I can't receive O2 WiFi's text due to lack of mobile coverage?

Just click the 'No mobile coverage' link at the bottom of the page and follow the registration process. You'll be given two hours of free usage to tide you over until you can access your SMS. But you will need to fully register (with the code you've been sent) on your next visit to a Stonehouse or another venue with O2 Wifi.

My signal is weak. What's going on?

The strength of O2 Wifi depends on things like how far you are from the access point (although if you're inside one of our restaurants, that shouldn't be a problem). Or how many people are trying to connect to the same hotspot at the same time. Also, some gadgets connect to WiFi quicker than others.

Where can I get more help and information?

You'll find additional info at Alternatively, call O2 Wifi's customer support line on 0844 4632626, which is open 8am-9pm from Monday to Friday, 8am-8pm on Saturdays and 8am-6pm on Sundays.

Why do I need to register my details?

A number of reasons. One, security – it helps us protect you from nasty viruses and fraud. Two, legally we need to ask people to register some information about themselves before using the service (to comply with European Data Retention directives). This information may be made available to authorities as required, but we won't share your details with any third party companies.

Three, it's simpler. Registering means you don't have to log in when you visit a Stonehouse or any other O2 Wifi hotspot. You'll also get the opportunity to opt in for news and offers from Stonehouse.

What are the terms and conditions of use?

The terms and conditions for using our free WiFi internet service can be found on the landing page when you connect to the O2 Wifi hotspot at Stonehouse.

How secure is O2 Wifi?

O2 Wifi's wireless network is one of the most secure public access networks. When using it you'll see a personalised welcome page with your name displayed – so when you enter an O2 Wifi hotspot, you'll know that it's genuine.

However, your device will be connected to a public network and, as such, may still be vulnerable. O2 Wifi offers the following tips and precautions to help you to protect your personal data:


1)Look for URLs/addresses starting 'https' when using websites that require logging in (e.g. online email, Facebook or Twitter). The 's' in https means that the page is encrypted and your details are therefore more secure

2)Only enter info like personal banking details once you know the website is secure (look for the padlock icon on your browser, click on it to confirm it is secure)

3)Avoid leaving credit card details exposed on-screen

4)Be careful when responding to emails – avoid divulging any personal or financial details, and remember that your bank will never ask you to send them your password or PIN

5)Avoid 'phishers' (sites that resemble legitimate businesses but are in fact fakes designed to steal your personal details)

6)Install and update well-known anti-virus software and personal firewalls if appropriate

7)Ensure that you turn off automatic log-in facilities and that you log out when your session ends (check that 'Keep me logged in' boxes are not ticked)

8)Use a secure, free VPN to connect to the internet – O2 Wifi recommends

9)Ensure that your device is password or pin-protected

10) Don't leave your laptop unattended in a public place. Lock your screen if you absolutely need to leave it


Do you allow E-Cigarettes in your restaurants?

For the comfort of all our guests we do not allow the use of electronic cigarettes within our premises. Although we realise that the fumes are just vapours and non harmful this is not clearly understood by everyone and can lead to confusion for others. Therefore, to prevent this, we request that guests do not use this product in our premises.

Is there disabled-access to your restaurants?

At Mitchells and Butlers we take the needs and the equal treatment of all our guests extremely seriously. We have invested heavily in this area in recent years and are committed to ensuring our facilities and services are accessible to all in line with the Disability Discrimnation Act 2004.

However, in some  cirmumstances, often small  sites or perhaps listed buildings,  alterations are not possible. Therefore, alternative arrangements are put in place to assist disabled guests. For example, where a ramp can't be installed in an entry due to difficulties with planning permission, small temporary ramps may be provided. To be certain that the site you are visiting is practical for disabled access, we would always suggest that a guest contact the restaurant/pub beforehand.

I have been barred from an Stonehouse

It is important to us that our pubs and restaurants provide a safe, social and welcoming environment for all our guests. From time to time our teams may have to make a decision to bar an individual guest for the safety of our other guests and staff. These decisions are made at the manager's discretion, at a local level and we support their right as responsible license holders to make such decisions. Consequently all decisions are final and cannot be appealed centrally via our Retail Support Centre.

Can you sponsor my charity or provide me with a raffle prize?

All requests for charity donations and raffle prizes are taken by our Stonehouse managers. If you would like to contact your local Stonehouse or pop in you can ask the manager directly.

What ID do I need when visiting one of your pubs or restaurants?

We operate a Challenge 21 policy in England and Wales and a Challenge 25 policy across our businesses in Scotland. This means if a guest appears to be under 21 (or under 25 in Scotland) then we require proof that they are over 18, before alcohol will be sold. In these circumstances, our server will ask to see an acceptable form of proof of age ID. If a guest cannot provide this, they will be politely refused service and advised to return with the necessary ID.

We only accept 4 types of proof of age ID:

✔ International passport 

✔ UK or European Union photo-card driving licence (full or provisional)

✔ Proof of age card with 'PASS' accredited hologram

✔ UK Military identification card (MOD form 90

Working with us

Are there any jobs available at your restaurants?

It's great to hear that you're thinking of joining the team. See our jobs page for more info and links to our current vacancies

We are a supplier who are interested in working with you. Who should I contact?

Due to the volume of requests we receive we are unable to deal with unsolicited supplier calls and emails. If you are interested in becoming a Stonehouse supplier please send your details in writing to - Procurement Department, Mitchells & Butlers, 27 Fleet Street, Birmingham, B3 1JP

Our offers and news

How do I sign up for Stonehouse promotions?

Simply follow this link and sign up for all our latest news and offers.

What do I do if I haven’t received a voucher?

Please ensure you have signed up to our newsletter, please note that not all guests will receive the same offer at the same time.

How do I unsubscribe from the Stonehouse newsletter?

To stop receiving our news and offers via email, just click on the "unsubscribe" link, which can be found at the very bottom of every email we send to you.

When can I use the set menu?

For set menu offers, as long as you are seated and order between the applicable hours of the offer then you are entitled to the discount. Please note that you are not able to use promotional vouchers and the set menu in conjunction with each other.

Do you accept Leisure gift cards?

Mitchells and Butlers do accept the Leisure voucher plastic gift cards as payment. However, we are unable to process their paper counterparts.