Pizza Menu – Fresh, Handmade, and Stone Baked

Every pizza on our menu is hand crafted by our expert pizza chefs, which means you won’t get fresher than a Stonehouse pizza – 100% hand-made, from the mixing and kneading to the rolling and topping.

All of our delicious pizza creations make and stone baked to order, for you, every time. If you’re looking for stone baked pizza near you, we’ve got what you need.

We use fresh dough we make ourselves and our expert pizza chefs have completed our dough masterclasses; they know more than a thing or two about serving up slices of pizza excellence.

We’ve got all the classic flavours you know and love, but if you’re craving something, go ahead and use our add-on toppings for pizza perfection that hits the spot. Fancy trying something new? Grab a slice or two of our new creations including Chicken Fajita, Hot Porker and Buffalo & Blue Cheese.